Articles & Features

Concise, well-researched, green-living pieces--per guidelines, before deadline.

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Content Blogging

Whatever your green or holistic niche, my blog content builds your brand.

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Before you send it off to your editor, agent, or publisher, run it by me.

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Do Your Customers Feel Valued?

How do you show you value your reader, your patient, your customer? You build relationships. You supply them with what they need before they realize they need it.

Magazine editors. I’ve covered a broad spectrum of topics for both consumer and trade magazines. My niche—green, holistic, and sustainable—promises wide range potential for articles. Whether it’s a listicle, a how-to, a business spotlight, a profile, or feature, I’d welcome the opportunity to work with you. See Resources for clips.

Business owners. Content blogging is a powerful tool for business owners. Blogs attract clients, nurture customer loyalty, and increase revenue. I create relevant blog content, regularly delivered, for busy offices like yours.

Authors & Writers. I know. That manuscript, that document, that article is your baby. Now, you just need one last set of eyes on it before it goes out the door. I’ll proofread it meticulously so you can submit your best work.

Check out my Services page for more information. ~ Deb