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Do Your Customers Feel Valued?

When they arrive at your clinic, you remember to greet them by name--even as you hurry into the next patient room. And you store owners, you reward your customers' loyalty with periodic coupons--which they appreciate. Small gestures, but meaningful. When they go to your website and click on your blog, they find helpful and interesting information there, maybe related with a bit of humor. This isn't simply an intellectual interchange, however. There's a relationship being nurtured. That relationship leads to loyalty. In turn, loyalty increases revenue.

Content blogging is a powerful tool for business owners. You may know that. But, you're so crazy-busy running your business you just don't have time to write it yourself, right? Hire me. I invite you to visit my Services page for packages and pricing.

Magazine editors, I've written on a wide variety of topics for both commercial and trade magazines. I understand you've got guidelines and deadlines. Whether it's a listicle, how-to, business spotlight, profile, or feature, I'd love to write for you. Let's get in touch. See my Contact Deb page.

Planet Habit and Plant Habit Plus readers, is there some particular topic you'd like me cover? I hope to hear from you. See Contact Deb. Thanks for visiting!

~ Deb