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Commitment Gets Us There

Sometimes we find ourselves in places we don't want to be, putting up with circumstances we feel powerless to alter, for a period of time beyond our control. Isn't that true?

Sometimes, readers need more than information: they need transformation. We all know our environment is toxic--all of it. We also know there are steps we can take to protect our loved ones and ourselves to a degree. In our heart, we want to take those steps, put those protections in place, change our lifestyle--we really do! But, mostly, we don't. Or, we try but the effort soon fizzles. Why? Because we feel overwhelmed.

In my writing, I try to help readers transform an attitude of resignation into one of commitment and determination to live better. I give them the information they're entitled to, the encouragement they need to stick with the good habits they initiate, and the affirmation they deserve for their perseverance.

Are you an editor? I write helpful, motivating articles. Are you a business owner? I create actionable brand content. And if you're a reader with an idea for a Planet Habit blog post--or just want to chat, I hope to hear from you, too. See Contact Deb. Thanks for visiting!

~ Deb