Green, holistic, and sustainable:

The way to a more joyful life

Look around! So much beauty. Clearly, joy was life’s intention. But these days navigating life is tricky business. The decisions your clients make today about health, food, and lifestyle are vitally important to their happiness.

Patients with special dietary needs often feel defeated before they begin; customers are unsure of product safety; and clients have a tough time sorting fact from fiction.

You have an opportunity to provide clarity, to allay fears, and to inspire. How? With rock solid, engaging blog posts or magazine articles that I write for you with your readers' needs in mind. 

Every person can live a better quality life, which I make clear in my work.


Deb's story

As a child, I was a shy introvert who just wanted to be left alone with my books. I had library cards at school and at the community library. I checked out the maximum number of books allowed each week. Still, they weren’t enough. That doesn’t mean I didn’t love being outdoors. I did.


When I was seven, a wondrous event happened. Our family moved to Fairbanks, Alaska. I’ve never loved a place as much as I loved that one.

Towering mountains and curious bighorn sheep. Moose, elk, bear, and eagles. Mushers and miners. Sourdoughs clinging to mountainsides. A dog sled trip across the lake, ice skating rinks on the school playground, and a teacher that leaped barrels on ice at lunchtime. Brutal winters, slushy springs, short but vibrant summers, and a wisp of fall. When I was 10, we had to leave. I cried.

Since then, I’ve lived in some beautiful areas, but none have seized my heart like Alaska.


I went on to live in Massachusetts, Virginia, Hawaii, California, and Arizona. By now, I was married with children. It was in Arizona that I studied creative writing. One course hooked me: feature article writing. I loved it, and I loved freelancing. But at the time, I needed steady income, so I became a certified nursing assistant, working in nursing homes, and on the med-surg floor of the hospital, and in home health care. Still, I never forgot about writing. How could I? Breathers don’t forget breathing; writers don’t forget writing.

We moved to Washington State. I took up freelancing again and my career was progressing well—until 2008. The economy tanked. Newspapers and magazines folded; thousands of talented professional writers thrashed around in a sea of job seekers. I went back to nursing. But I never forgot writing.

Deb Kincaid Writer

Even until now, our planet is increasingly ravaged, our families and neighbors increasingly poisoned, and our collective minds and bodies increasingly co-opted. I’ve combined my three passions--the environment, wellness, and writing--to provide trustworthy guidance toward a healthier, more ethical, and happier life. My writing helps your readers reach that place.

It’s a privilege to share what I know with your readers, and to partner with you as together we contribute value to those multi-faceted conversations on wellness, safety, and sustainability. Whether through my blog content and magazine articles, or your writing that you've entrusted to me to proofread, let’s get it out there. Knowledge is a precious and empowering thing. ~ All the best, Deb

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