Why I do what I do

Look around at creation! Clearly, joy was life’s intention. But today, people and planet are ravaged, and navigating life is tricky business. The decisions we make today about health, food, and lifestyle are vitally important to our happiness.

I provide actionable, trustworthy information about holistic health & wellness, food, simple & frugal living, and more. By this, your readers will find motivation to continue adopting life-friendly planet habits, will own their own choices, and find themselves rewarded with a more joyful life.

My hope is that you and your readers will take away something personally beneficial. The premise of my writing? I believe every person can live a better quality life.  I trust that is clear in my work.

Deb's story

When our family moved to Fairbanks, Alaska in 1963, the Alcan Highway (now the Alaska Highway) was mostly unpaved, just dirt and gravel. As we left the Lower 48 behind, my seven-year-old self was awestruck by the view. White mountain goats perched on jutting rocks, a lumbering bear, eagles, hawks, looming snow-topped mountains, a glacier, and a sourdough poking his head out of a dark mine to grin and wave at the little girl, face pressed against the car window, surprised to see a bushy-faced man clinging to a mountainside. What a strange, exhilarating place my new home was!

Unfortunately, we only lived there four years, but if I had to pick a moment in time when our planet became personal to me, it would be then. I suppose I just took Earth's beauty, abundance, and livability for granted. But nothing is a given anymore. It has never been more crucial for each of us to be very proactive regards our health, our priorities, our peace.

By means of DebKincaid.com, my Planet Habit blog, and other publishing opportunities, I'm privileged to share what I've learned. Knowledge truly is a precious and empowering thing.

What's your Planet Habit?