Blocked: Are you dodging your emotions?

We have a human tendency to suppress trauma deep into our subconscious, locked in our mind’s prison. Under no circumstances do we let these bubble to the surface. After all, the demands of the world don’t stop because we’ve been harmed. Yet, to continue in this way is catastrophic.

What do scientific studies show?

Interestingly, in a study reported in Science magazine, researchers confirmed the mind can suppress unwanted memories in a “forgetting process.” (Science, Jan 2004) Yet, physiologically, our body doesn’t forget, and that can lead to illness and disease.

We all now know that wellness is not achieved by addressing our physical symptoms alone. Mind-body-spirit, the holistic way to health, is increasingly embraced by the medical community as well. Science tells us that what our mind experiences has a physiological effect on our bodies. In a study published in Epilepsy Behavior, researchers stated,

“It is now broadly accepted that psychological stress may change the internal homeostatic state of an individual. During acute stress, adaptive physiological responses occur, which include hyperactivity of the HPA axis [hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis=central stress response system]. Whenever there is an acute interruption of this balance, illness may result. The social and physical environments have an enormous impact on our physiology and behavior …  It is correct to state that at the same time that our experiences change our brain and thoughts, namely, changing our mind, we are changing our neurobiology.” (Epilepsy Behavior, 2014)

 Has forward progress stopped?

 Most of us, when we come down with physical symptoms of some sort, go to a wellness expert. It’s exciting to feel good after enduring so much unwellness, isn’t it? Yet, do you find that optimal health is always just out of reach? Do you find yourself stuck, plateaued, and chronically not-quite-there?

That happened to me. I have a great wellness team of professional healthcare providers that I’ve invited into my wellness conversation. I can function again! Yet, there is still some pain, some chronic sadness, and some fatigue. Why?

I improved my diet, I began exercising more, I drank more filtered water, I took precisely attuned supplements and remedies, and embraced longtime, respected treatments; yet, it seemed I could only reach a certain level of wellness. It was like I was hitting a wall, a barrier that I couldn’t punch through. It was then that I truly began to appreciate that in my reluctance to process past traumas and disappointments, I hindered my body’s ability to heal.

Get help to dump the baggage: be fearless!

I now have broader understanding of the powerful, unhealthy consequences of burying emotional pain. I recently decided I was so done with that. I want to be truly healthy, and I recognize that means facing down those long-festering traumas—with help. My help comes in the form of zero balance massage, two sorts of bioenergetic therapies, and positive visualization and affirmation. There are many other avenues of emotional healing, of course, including biofeedback and counseling. Apprehensive but determined, I’m finally punching through the barrier.

My wellness story is still being written but I already feel its freeing effects. Could it be that you’ve hit that barrier? Will you rid yourself of past emotional baggage to achieve your healthiest you? That’s my hope for you as well. ~ Deb

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