How to Love your Combo

We live in a MHP with a laundromat. Because our RV had no washer, I was so-oo-o happy about this when we first moved into the park. Very cool. Until, THAT DAY.


 The day all my husband’s white undershirts came out of the washer with blotchy orange spots all over them, I lost it. Since the laundromat is “use at your own risk,” I knew there was no use complaining to the manager. I was done with this laundromat.


 Around the corner from the MHP is a lovely laundromat, new machines, clean, sofas, magazines and candy dispensers, and an on-site manager. Wow! Okay, I could do this–if I were independently wealthy. (In which case, I wouldn’t be using a laundromat, right?) Holy smacaroles! I was done with that laundromat, too.

Camping World Sale to the Rescue

 Now, I’m not promoting Camping World necessarily. They’re a little spendy for me. But, they have pretty good sales. And when they put Splendides on sale, we snapped one up. I’d never used a combo before, but then, I’d never lived in an RV before, and I was lovin’ that.

However, a week later, I was ready to sell that belligerent Splendide! I was so done with uber-wrinkled, damp, or crispy-fried clothes. Our relationship was not going well. I plunged into despair, eating way too much chocolate.

Coaching Saved Our Relationship magnifying glass FAQ

 Manufacturer manuals, Internet chatrooms, and YouTube videos by combo survivors, restored my resolve to make this work. A truism I had to accept: combo washers are their own species. They do not resemble your home’s top loaders, your apartment’s stacking set, or even that shiny-and-beautiful front loading set you sold your kidney for—despite combos being front loaders. Once I embraced this, our relationship became amiable. Below are a few tips you might try.

Keeping the Love Alive

  • Always, always use the low- heat setting and extra-rinse setting (more about this in a future post).
  • Set the dryer timer for 80 minutes for permanent press or lightweight cottons, and 100-120 minutes for towels and jeans. Yes, on low heat. Trust me on this.
  • Do not over dry your clothing! Even a steam iron may not get the wrinkles out. It’s better to err for dampness than crispiness.
  • If clothes are still damp, put them on for another 20 minutes. It usually works for getting that last little bit of dampness without frying your clothes.
  • If you absolutely don’t iron, then I recommend running the wash and dry portions of the cycle individually. In between, take each piece of clothing out and shake it to relax some of the wrinkling. Then, set the dry cycle and time (low heat), and start.
  • Keep the combo door cracked open when not in use; doing so prevents odor that can icky your clothes.

My Splendide’s low-spin button never worked. I didn’t want to pay a service tech to come out for such a minor thing. But, I’m sure it would be useful in decreasing wrinkles as well.

It’s a fact, unrealistic expectations ruins relationships. So, now that Spendide and I understand each other better, we’re buds. It makes tiny living just a little sweeter. ~ Deb

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