Love your wellness team? Thank them!

Recently, a member of my wellness team was feeling a little blue. Nothing she could really put her finger on. Nothing had really changed: she still loved her profession, was still happy to see clients progress, and was still enjoying her efficient and friendly office environment. So, what was it?

Later that afternoon, it dawned on me. Could it be she simply needed to feel appreciated?

Feeling the love from Gramma and Auntie

 When I was young, and given a gift, I didn’t just murmur “thank you.” No, no, no. Before the day was out, I would sit down with a piece of stationery and write a short note reaffirming how happy I was that the gift giver remembered me, and how much I would enjoy the gift. Out it went in the mail the next day.

Even a child recognizes the effort and thoughtfulness on a gift giver’s part. Their gift made me feel special. Couldn’t I, in some tiny way, make the giver feel special, too?

Happiness, tips, and thank you cards

We like to make others happy. We still tip for good service, right? We tip the server, the barista, the delivery person, the motel housekeeper, our hair stylist, our massage therapist. Why? Okay, it’s customary here, but it’s also a nice way to show gratitude for meaningful effort, wouldn’t you agree?

I still send thank-you-for-your-hospitality cards, and thank-you-for-the-soup-when-I-was-ill cards, and thank-you-for-your-kindness-in-our-recent-loss cards. Why is it that I never thought to send thank you cards to the individuals of my health care team? My massage therapists, my naturopath, my chiropractor, my acupuncturist, and my painless phlebotomist?

I’m insatiably curious about others, so I ask lots of questions. I do the same thing with members of my wellness team. I know if they’re married or not, have kids or not, love pets or not, athletic or bookworm, vegan or paleo, spiritual or not spiritual, etc. I recognize it, too, when they’re not their usual bouncy self. Which takes me back to my earlier question,

Could it be this amazing person I’m entrusting my wellness to just needs a little love? small pkg w red heart and lace

Going forward, I have a new habit: sending thank you cards to my wellness team members—and their staff. Each one is deserving, a true blessing to me. I’m grateful, and they need to know that.

What’s your Planet Habit?

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