Our Choices: Will we own them?


What does it mean to “own it?”

It means to adopt as our own: a philosophy, a lifestyle, or a mission ideal, for instance. It also means accepting our obligations as ours, not shirking our responsibility, not content to let others do our portion of the heavy lifting. Perhaps most importantly, “own it” also means that we accept responsibility for the consequences of our decisions; we don’t pass the buck, we don’t blame others for our mistakes, for our laziness, or for our apathy. We own it when we own up. Why do I bring this up?

Because it’s imperfect human nature, I believe, to embrace a beneficial lifestyle halfheartedly, to excuse ourselves from the necessary work related to the realities of life, and to blame others when things go south because it’s so much more convenient to play the victim than to say, “I screwed up.” Isn’t that so?

What can we do about that? Well, that’s a little more complicated.

Personally, I feel it begins with the realization that life itself is a gift, a gift burgeoning with opportunities along with obligations. Not obligations harmful to us, but rather obligations that satisfy. Life shouldn’t be squandered, wouldn’t you agree?

elderly couple swingingMost of my writing centers on holistic wellness as Planet Habit readers know. Now, you likely begin to see where I’m going with this discussion about choices and owning them.

In my conversations with others, I hear a lot of “Yeah, you’re probably right, but….”  Fill in the blank: “It’s too expensive…it’s too hard to change…my family won’t go along…I don’t know enough about it…it would take a lot more work and I don’t have the time…[put more excuses here].” We all make excuses, including myself. Especially when it comes to exercise, which is weird because I do actually enjoy exercising. So, why don’t I?

I haven’t fully committed to exercise, that’s why. Commitment requires a cooperative, determined partnership between mind and heart. I’ve enlarged my exercise schedule, and that’s a start. I know, I have an obligation. I need to own it.

What about food we eat and healthcare choices we make?

Are we owning it when it comes to healthy eating? Organic, no GMOs (organic is automatically non-GMO), low toxicity, fresh fruits and veggies, especially the colorful ones high in antioxidants and vitamins? Are we striving for healthy fats, low carbs, sugar avoidance, and lots of powerful greens like kale, collards, and spinach? Are we eating only wild caught, pasture-raised, sustainably raised, and humane-raised fish, beef, lamb, and poultry to the extent we can?

Can we buy into a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), and support our local farmers’ markets? When it comes to supermarkets, aren’t we glad organic departments are expanding? Did you know that the only produce carried at Natural Grocers stores is USDA certified organic? An important consideration is this: Who will we support with our food dollars?

healthy food marketAre we owning it when it comes to health and wellness? With the plethora of designer-crafted studies funded by pharmaceutical corporations, along with the high percentage of scientific fraud and pervasive political lobbying, getting at the truth about medical topics is difficult. Seek out verifiable, trustworthy information from other-than-mainstream sources.

Reputable source information could include science-based and empirical studies, vetted articles in professional publications, and documented reports from healthcare providers and researchers. Personal accounts of individuals who’ve both benefitted and suffered due to choices made or denied are powerful as well.

Remember, the American Medical Association and similar agencies and associations are merely marketing arms of the medical and pharmaceutical industries. Profit is their aim; selling is their game. Government agencies, too, are not averse to deceptive media campaigns. How are we doing regarding our own personal research efforts? We can’t shirk this. Too much is at stake. Will we own it? ~ Deb


Speaking of healthy food, here are some helpful links for you:

Local Harvest (locates farms, csa’s, farmers’ markets),  localharvest.org

My farmers marketvancouverfarmersmarket.com

The CSA I belong to, Sprout & Blossom Farmsproutandblossomfarm.com

What’s your planet habit?

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