UNDOCTORED by William Davis, MD

UNDOCTORED by William Davis, MD
ISBN 978-1-62336-866-1
Pub 2017; Rodale Wellness, Rodale, Inc., NY, NY 10017
399 pp.

You may be familiar with Dr. William Davis: he’s the WHEAT BELLY doctor that helped thousands improve their health by eliminating most grains from their diet.

Slaying Dragons

This book’s complete title is Undoctored–Why Health Care Has Failed You and How You Can Become Smarter Than Your Doctor: 6 Steps to Seizing Control Over Your Health. Dr. Davis skewers Big Everything–with meticulous documentation. Further, he tells you how to alter your diet to improve health, eradicate disease, and why you should avoid the health care industry like the plague. He even shares recipes.

I love the fact that Dr. Davis tells it like it is–with the facts and studies to back him up.

Here is a doctor who tells you:

• to stop going to your doctor unnecessarily;
• to take back your right of health care self-determination;
• about tests to avoid that are bunk and mostly profit-motivated;
• where you can obtain useful testing and medical info that’s trustworthy;
• about supplements crucial to good health, and, as mentioned above,
• recipes–6 weeks worth–to jump start your wellness.

Did you know you don’t need to get a doctor’s permission for most types of tests, including CT scans, ultrasounds, and MRIs?

Here’s a quote from the introduction to his book:

“I propose that people can manage their own health safely and responsibly and attain results superior to those achieved through conventional health care–not less than, not on par with, but superior.” Quite a statement.

This book is authoritative, easily understood, and important. In addition to all the cited studies, et al, mentioned in the book, there are 23 pages of Endnotes available for further research should you want to investigate more. Dr. Davis’ voice and personality–confident and fearless with a touch of smirk–make this book fun reading.

Anyone who spends too much on health care (all of us?), should read this. Highly recommend. ~ Deb

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