Tiny Bliss

House to apartment to fifth wheel. We are committed! Or, should be, maybe? I got rid of so much stuff! I thought it was more than enough. It wasn’t.

Our Dream Home

We bought this 2006 34-ft RV in the summer of 2015 because it was in good shape for its age, and the price was fair. Of course, the water heater died within days, and the air conditioner croaked that first unusually hot summer. We discovered, too, that one of the slideout tracks didn’t track, and because it costs close to $1000 to fix it, we haven’t. The slideout is propped up on jacks, supported with a 4X4. Looks darling.

Out Goes the Furniture!

Got rid of all that RV furniture. The double-recliner to an adult family home, table and chairs to a friend, and we foisted our apartment furniture upon my son because we discovered it was a no-go in the RV. Now we have a saggy love seat bought from Goodwill for $15. At least we have something soft for our tushies while we stream Netflix through the computer monitor. I am thrilled to pieces: RV living! Like camping, but with an in-house toilet.

Kevin and Deb's Big Adventure

Unlike camping, we’re not vacationing. We work. Mornings are… interesting. We choreograph tasks because only one of us can be in the kitchen and still function. So, while I make breakfast and pack his lunch, he gets into the shower (I don’t dare run water!). When he’s done, he flips the switch to quick-heat the 7-gallon water heater. Ta-da-aa! Within 15 minutes, I can wash dishes—or get a shower. Can’t do both.

Doesn’t take much to trip the circuit breaker either, I discovered. I don’t run the toaster and heat water in my electric kettle, or run the coffee grinder and the space heater, or…well, I just don’t. Anymore.

Our bathroom is a 3-ft square closet with a toilet. There are bathrobes, pj’s, towels, and, yes, my ironing board hanging on the bathroom walls. (Don’t even go there about my ironing board, okay?) It’s just not possible to close the bathroom door while we…you know…no room for legs. What can I say? We're tall!

Okay, It's a Process

No, I don’t miss cleaning a big house, or sharing apartment walls with noisy and nosy neighbors. I like living with less stuff, and the coziness of smallness. Hmmm…now, where did I put that Marie Kondo book? This box? That box? Under those papers? Hey, we've got this! Really! ~ Deb

What’s your Planet Habit?

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